Nuts are versatile food ingredients and can be used in many ways. At MBTS, we offer a wide range of organic nuts in different sizes and varieties to meet your business needs. Our range includes organic pine nuts, cashews, almonds, organic hazelnuts and much more.

All of our ingredients are 100% certified organic and available in a variety of package sizes. You can get an impression of our complete range of nuts below. 













We care deeply about our organic ingredients and the impact they have on our environment. That's why we ensure that growing our organic nuts has minimal impact on the soil, biodiversity and general environment of the farms where they are grown.

When you buy organic nuts in bulk through MBTW, you are not only buying the freshest ingredients, you are also supporting the development of greener supply chains.

The benefits of raw organic nuts

Nuts have a whole host of health benefits. They are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and unsaturated fats. They are also rich in antioxidants.

In addition to the health benefits, nuts also have a variety of uses. They can be used as (roasted) snacks, in spreads, cereals, bars, dishes and as an ingredient in many other forms.

They can also be sold as a delicious and healthy snack or offered as a welcome product in a health food store or refill store.

Our selection of organic nuts wholesale

As a nut wholesaler, we have a wide selection of almonds for you to choose from. Our natural almonds are packed in 3kg, 10kg or 25kg depending on your requirements. Besides natural almonds, we also offer blanched almonds, sliced almonds, almond flour, roasted diced almonds and natural almond flour from our stock.

Another popular product in our assortment, besides almonds, are our organic cashew nuts.

The cashew nut tree is native to Brazil. After harvesting, the shell of the cashew nut is separated from the cashew apple and steamed. The cashews are then cracked, sorted and vacuum packed before being exported to our warehouse. Cashews grow in many different places, but we import our organic cashews wholesale from Tanzania and Vietnam.

Another popular product we sell to businesses, and often used in desserts or pastries, is coconut. Although coconut is officially not a nut but a fruit, it is usually listed in this category. Our selection of coconut products includes several different varieties, each offering a unique taste and texture experience. We offer our coconuts as half roasted French fries, raw French fries, dried French fries or half smiley French fries.

Of course, as a nut wholesaler, we can not forget about organic hazelnuts, right? Hazelnuts are often used in chocolate, nut butters, snacks and as a baking ingredient. Our range of organic hazelnuts includes natural, blanched, roasted, diced and ground hazelnuts. All of our hazelnuts are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers or similar methods.

You may also be interested in our fully organically grown peanuts. Peanuts are one of the most popular nuts in the world. They are not only used to make peanut butter, but can also be used in many dishes as a garnish, paste or main ingredient. That is why we offer our organic peanuts blanched, from Barisha or Silihong.

The last nut on our list as a nut wholesaler is the walnut. Our European walnuts come from organic orchards in Moldova and are 100% hand cracked for the best quality. Walnuts have a unique flavor and can be enjoyed raw or roasted. In our walnut assortment you can choose between walnut halves and walnut pieces, available in different sizes.

Organic certifications

When you buy organic walnuts in bulk, you naturally want to make sure that all products are ethically sourced and meet official organic certification regulations.

Organic food standards and requirements vary from country to country, but generally organic certification is granted when at least 95% of the food is organically grown. Our organic nuts are 100% organic.

As a wholesale distributor of nuts, MBTW ensures that all ingredients meet organic certification standards. Some ingredients also meet additional certifications such as SKAL, USDA, Demeter, Fair Trade and others. So when you buy our organic nuts wholesale, we guarantee organic farming methods.