MBTW is a leading organic food wholesaler headquartered in the USA, we work with producers and farmers around the world to offer a wide range of organic food ingredients and healthy food products in bulk. We also offer private label packaging and premium consumer products through our brands.

But it was not always this way. The brand came from humble beginnings and quickly evolved into the successful organic food wholesaler we know today.


In 2010, Bob Rensburg founded MBTW in California, USA, as an importer and distributor of organic food ingredients and Thai produce grown and processed by a group of farmers and producers in Li District, Lamphun Province, Thailand.

Bob's drive was his strong commitment to organic farming and his desire to build sustainable trading relationships with farmers in developing countries and buyers in Europe.

It was his entrepreneurship, organic experience and support for farmers and producers worldwide that enabled MBTW to continue to grow and become the leading organic product distributor it is today.

But after more than 9 years of dedicated leadership of his company, Bob decided it was time to pass the baton and move on to the next adventure. So in 2019, he handed over the mission to make organic farming the standard to Johannes Rensburg. With fresh ideas and a passion for sustainable food, he and the rest of the team will continue to drive the company forward and drive change.


in 2021, MBTW unveiled its new company name and logo to express its commitment to the environment, climate and biodiversity. To make an activating statement, MBTW changed its name to MBTW ORGANIC with the brand statement 'Together for our planet'.

MBTW ORGANIC will continue its mission until organic farming and organic food become the global standard. For our planet, for our future.