Grains are a staple food that offer a whole host of health benefits, and buying them in bulk can be just as beneficial to your business. At MBTW, we carry a wide selection of organic cereals, including rye flakes, wheat flakes, couscous, quinoa, barley, oats and more!

As a wholesale grain distributor, we are dedicated to giving your business access to high-quality organic grains that are easy on the planet and easy on your wallet. Learn more and see our full line of products below.
















Grains, such as corn and wheat, are among the most popular ingredients in the world. They are versatile foods that have been staples of many people's diets for centuries.

In fact, people began storing and cooking with grains about 20,0000 years ago. However, some grains, such as wheat, were not domesticated until about 10,000 years later.

There are a variety of grains, making them ideal staple foods, and they are usually packed with good ingredients, especially organic grains. They provide important nutrients for everyone who eats them.

Best of all, grains are easily accessible and affordable, especially if you buy them in bulk. They are also easy to store and will keep for a very long time if stored properly.

Our choice of grains

We know grains most readily as cereals, the fruit of the grass family. Other organic grains such as buckwheat, quinoa, and chia are what are known as 'pseudo grains' and are derived from the seeds and fruits of other plant families.

At MBTW, we offer a wide selection of organic grains from around the world, including organic millet from Germany, barley and wheat from the Netherlands, and couscous from Italy. We also have organic oats from Finland and quinoa from Ecuador.

These are just a few of our incredible choices, and as a wholesale grain distributor, we pride ourselves on offering the best assortment of high-quality organic ingredients.

The benefits of grains

Grains are considered the best that nature has to offer, thanks to their numerous health benefits. Organic cereals can be an important source of nutrients, containing fiber, vitamins and minerals.

From breakfast cereals like cornflakes and oatmeal to breads for lunches, grains are the perfect way to start your day. Not to mention, they can be a welcome addition to soups, salads and a whole host of healthy main meals. There are many ways to use grains as a staple. Couscous and quinoa, for example, are popular with anyone looking to eat a balanced diet. Especially among people who eat a plant-based diet.

They can also be used in desserts and baking, or simply sold as a natural ingredient. However you feed your customers with organic grains, your business can benefit from buying them in bulk.

Buying from a wholesale grain supplier

Buying organic grains in bulk is much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly because you need fewer supplies. When stored properly, these grains will keep for a long time if kept in a cool, dry place.

Our organic grains are perfect for businesses, whether you sell them in your health food store or health food store, or use them for cooking. From hotel breakfast buffets to baked goods and food ingredients, MBTW can help you with all your grain needs.

As a wholesale grain supplier, we offer quantities from one to 25 pounds, and our grains are all about keeping your customers and our planet healthy. So if you have any questions about our organic oats, organic quinoa, organic couscous or other organic ingredients, please contact our friendly team.